eDiscovery platform LitReview, powered by Ringtail, available in Australia for fraction of cost

Boutique and mid-tier law firms can now compete with their larger counterparts for substantial litigation with the launch of LitReview. 

It follows a partnership between information management specialists, The Information Management Group (TIMG), and global business advisory specialists FTI Consulting, whereby TIMG will host Ringtail, FTI’s patented electronic software, on its local servers. LitSupport is a wholly owned subsidiary of TIMG.

LitReview, powered by Ringtail, is a complete eDiscovery and document review platform enabling corporate legal teams and law firms of all sizes to manage the explosion of data volumes and sources when building evidence in a faster, more efficient way – at a fraction of the cost.

Its unique pricing model is based on volume of space used on TIMG’s secure data centre in Sydney rather than a traditional licensing arrangement. The platform is available for as little as $250 per month compared to thousands of dollars charged by other eDiscovery providers.

Chris Cotterell, General Manager of TIMG says LitReview is the most cost competitive eDiscovery platform for the Australian legal industry. “LitReview levels the playing field for smaller and mid-tier law firms as, for the first time, they have the ability to manage big litigations that previously only the largest law firms could handle, at an affordable cost.

“The platform makes it possible to search through millions of documents in hours instead of weeks,” Mr Cotterell said. “Users can identify, process and review a staggering volume of data to become ‘litigation ready’ quicker, more accurately and cost effectively.

“In some cases, LitReview can de-duplicate and cull data by up to 90 per cent,” he said. “Law firms that can offer a fixed rate for key elements of evidence-gathering and therefore substantially reducing discovery costs is clearly an attractive proposition for their clients.”

Mr Cotterell said LitReview also include 24/7 access to TIMG’s leading eDiscovery consultants to guide clients through the process on a one-to-one basis.

“Legal technology is moving at such a fast pace, and we’re pleased to be at the cutting edge of the next wave of eDiscovery solutions accessible and affordable for any size firm or matter,” he said.

Mr Cotterell added that because LitReview is offered through TIMG and LitSupport’s suite of services, clients can be assured it has the highest security certification to ensure data is safe and secure.

“LitReview is the latest development that builds on TIMG’s contribution to innovation in the Australian legal information management space,” he said.

More information at https://www.timg.com/service/ediscovery/


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