triSearch CEO, Taylah Allen, shares her ‘secret sauce’ of how she moved from the hospitality industry to the CEO of an award-winning legal tech company, all before the age of 25. 

In a recent interview with the career specialist, David Woolstencroft of Novum Learning, Taylah Allen, triSearch CEO, has revealed her story of success. Starting her career as Chef and moving into a junior role in corporate business, it took Taylah a little over 5 years to reach the C-suite, learning from some of the best in a market-leading tech firm. Taylah quickly rose the ranks in Sales, selling legal tech both in Australia and overseas until eventually breaking out on her own to start triSearch.

In the interview, Taylah explains: “The secret sauce is hard-work. I have always wanted to be the best and while you cannot control the talent of those around you, you can control how much work you put in. As a young, female leader there have been obstacles, but I am fortunate to be surrounded by good mentors that share my work ethic.”

In a review of the ASX top 300 companies, it was revealed that the average age a person becomes CEO is 47. Taylah reached this milestone before she turned 25 and has silenced any doubters with her proven success. Since its inception in 2018, Taylah has grown triSearch into an award-winning legal tech company, with the business recently being named a winner in the Australian Digital Technology Awards in the Legal-Tech Start-Up-Of-The-Year category.

Taylah explains that the skills she learnt as a Chef were transferable to those in the corporate world. “Time Management, adapting to personalities and the hustle are all things that you need in both worlds. I was fortunate to have those lessons taught to me very early on in my career”.

The full interview showcasing Taylah’s journey in more depth, her motivations and tips for success, is available at the Novum Learning website: