For the first three months of 2018, specialist conveyancing law firm, Lawlab completed more electronic settlements through the PEXA platform than any other legal practice or licensed conveyancing firm in Australia.

The directors of Lawlab believe they could also be completing more manual conveyancing transactions than any other legal practice.

The founders of Lawlab, Ian Perkins and Richard Bootle know what good old fashioned customer service means. The firm that is now branded as Lawlab was originally established in Nyngan, NSW in 1899. However, if the firm continued to provide 19th century style customer service, there is little doubt that Lawlab would not exist today.

What does 21st century customer service look like for a Lawlab conveyancing transaction? The Lawlab directors sum it up as: “a seamless and supported digital journey”.

Innovators Ian Perkins and Richard Bootle equip their clients with a digital toolkit for the sale or purchase of property. 

“We work hard to make sure our legal team is available to support the client’s journey and make digital tools available to them wherever possible.”

From the first interaction with a client, Lawlab and their newer division, Smartlaw drive the digital experience with their clients, making it easy for them to sign documents and connect with their service providers. They use DocuSign embedded in the Rundl platform to allow clients, agents and brokers to instantly sign and approve most of the pieces of the Conveyancing jigsaw, with PEXA as the final part of the digital package.

“We’ve accelerated our use of PEXA over the past four months,” Richard shares, “in part due to the increased willingness by the banks to answer questions and collaborate with the network.”

“We feel like, thanks to the nature of PEXA’s service, banks and lawyers are now on an equal footing – a much better experience for the lawyer or conveyancer involved. Never before have we been able to track the activities of all parties in a transaction like an audit trail. Even more unthinkable are the collaboration opportunities available to us like Industry Transformation Working Groups. These groups give us the opportunity to sit in a room face-to-face with financial institutions and share frustrations.”

“It’s important that we and the industry straddle the current hybrid world between paper and digital and acknowledge the push towards digital,” Ian says. “We use proactive measures. So rather than reacting, we proactively place the preference for digital settlement into our process.”

“Every transaction requires us to be an advocate for our customer’s experience and digital engagement tools such as Rundl, DocuSign and PEXA are how we do this.”

“The vision that we have for our business is what we also want for the future of conveyancing: that all buyers and sellers get access to a seamless digital journey supported by great legal advice; after all, this is the largest and most important financial transaction for most of our customers.”

Links to Lawlab, Smartlaw and Rundl