The Centre for Legal Innovation (CLI) has announced the appointment of its inaugural Advisory Board to provide advice on the work of the Centre.

The CLI is an innovation-focused think tank established by the College of Law to support legal professionals navigating the disruption currently transforming the industry.

The 12-member Advisory Board includes local and international innovators and legalpreneurs with experience in different aspects of the modern business and practice of law. 

The Advisory Board has representatives working in established law firms, in-house in legal departments, legal consultancies as well as legal start-ups.   It has professionals working in both the public and private sectors as well as representatives from the USA and New Zealand.

Ms Terri Mottershead, Director of the CLI said the diverse range of experiences of members of the Advisory Board will ensure the Centre is connected to innovation in the profession, wherever that is evolving, both inside and outside traditional channels. 

“Our Advisory Board reflects the changing profile of the workforce in the legal industry today – multi-disciplinary, multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-talented.”

“Each Advisory Board member is an industry leader who understands how the legal market place is changing.  Innovation is part of their daily lives. It is what drives and ensures their organisations remain competitive and it has become a core capability for all their people.”

“The CLI is the first organisation in the Asia-Pacific dedicated to the study of the practical impact of innovation, as well as the dissemination of ideas on innovation, disruption and technology in the legal profession.”

“The Centre is a borderless and global organisation that attracts leading thinkers regardless of nationality or location.  We know there is much our industry can learn from other professions and other countries. That is why we have advisors from within and outside the profession, as well as from New Zealand and the USA on the Advisory Board.” 

“The Advisory Board will have an input into all aspects of the Centre, including the development of innovation-focussed courses for the College of Law, and determining topics for our future roundtables, events and white papers,” Ms Mottershead said.