Apple Siri, Amazon Echo and now Google Home. Just by talking to it, Google Home¬†will turn on your lights, play your favourite music¬†and now … start a compliance review and answer legal questions. This is the innovation currently being worked on by Australian lawyer and¬†tech entrepreneur, Connor James.

Mr James has launched Law Quarter which is developing technology that can be used by sophisticated clients, such as energy retailers, in their day to day operations. Mr James has specific experience in the Energy sector.

While there isn’t actually a product called Google Home – Lawyer Edition, the combination of legal knowledge with the natural language processing ability of Google Home is powerful and has the potential to remove barriers to the seamless delivery of legal services, according to Mr James.

The video below is a “concept demonstration” of the type of applications that Law Quarter is working on.

Law Quarter enters the market with some exceptional talent behind the scenes including Connor James (Principal) and Anne Wardell.

Anne Wardell has been a lawyer for over thirty years and brings a wealth of experience to her role at Law Quarter. During her career, Anne has been a solicitor with the Australian Government Solicitor, a Deputy District Registrar at the Federal Court, a Senior Associate at Melbourne CBD law firms, a Barrister at the Victorian Bar, National Director of Insolvency at the Australian Taxation Office and Head of Content, Legal at Wolters Kluwer.

Connor James practices in the areas of energy and renewables as well as commercial, promotions and advertising law. Connor was previously Special Counsel and Consulting Principal at Nexus Lawyers and worked in-house for a number of leading energy companies including Redback Technologies. Connor has completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Science and is currently undertaking a Master of Laws. 

Compliance Quarter is another venture from Connor James which we reported on here.

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