If you are a conveyancer, don’t be surprised when you get an invitation to collaborate on the new online platform, Houseroo. Your first invitation is likely to come from a real estate agent but it could also come from a mortgage broker or a property buyer or seller. 

Houseroo is a project management tool and communications hub that keeps all stakeholders in a property transaction updated. Each property transaction is presented as a visual timeline. Parties can see the status of the transaction in real-time and receive notifications of progress.

Why is the invitation likely to come from a real estate agent? Houseroo has been integrated with the market-leading CRM software used by real estate agents, MyDesktop which is owned by Domain Holdings Australia.

Any party can initiate a Houseroo matter. This includes the property vendor, the finance broker, the agent or the conveyancer. With more than 12,000 real estate agencies across Australia using MyDesktop, combined with their desire to be kept up to date on the progress of the conveyance, it is likely that the first wave of invitations will be initiated by agents.

The founder of Houseroo, Shaneal Sharma, told Legal Practice Intelligence: “A conveyancer can save hours per file by using the platform as a result of labour-saving efficiency gains. We studied the work processes of conveyancers and found that one of the greatest frictions in the process is time spent on the phone to clients providing updates and explanations. The platform provides both of these efficiently and electronically. “

Houseroo has also teamed up with DocuSign. DocuSign’s Asia Pacific VP, Brad Newton: “We’re looking forward to working with Houseroo on this, and to helping improve the speed, trust and simplicity of real estate transactions, all the way from lead to close,” he was quoted as saying in a recent AFR article.

Conveyancers shouldn’t simply wait for an invitation to join Houseroo. A presence on the platform opens up the possibility of receiving new conveyancing matters. These are not speculative leads but actual matters. A conveyancer who accepts a new matter offered through the Houseroo platform is charged $49 plus GST. This charge also includes all the tracking and notification features for the transaction.

The cost to use it for an existing conveyance is $29 plus GST.

Houseroo is the online platform that connects all parties whose common purpose is an efficient, transparent and smooth property transaction.

Learn more at https://houseroo.com

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