Stephen Butler, CEO of software company Red Rain Corporation says that during 20 years of working with law firms and their software needs, “in the last three we’ve seen an increased demand for near perfect usability.” 

Mr Butler explains: “That’s the driving idea behind the new release of our Mobile Time Capture app, RedView Time. This release allows firms and lawyers to completely tailor their user interface to suit the way they work. Lawyers can personalize their own app to suit their own circumstances.

“As well as this, we have applied an artificial intelligence algorithm that learns how the app is being used and then makes suggestions to improve the experience. This helps lawyers uncover features they potentially weren’t utilising and improves productivity – without having to undergo training or read manuals.

“Other new features include extended timer functionality so that multiple timers can be easily managed, starting and stopping tasks as required and infographic display of production statistics.

“We are also adding tools that help managers monitor time collection. We will be extending these features, including personal performance statistics, in future releases.”

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