If Banco Chambers is typical, barristers may have forever smashed the stereotype of being the slowest in the legal world to adopt technology. Of course these are not typical times but the details coming out of Banco Chambers in Sydney would make it hard to imagine that there will be a turning back of the clock when things settle down.

Here are some examples:

Elliot Hyde has been appearing in an eight-day hearing before Stevenson J in the Supreme Court Commercial List by means of a virtual courtroom hosted by Epiq (LCM Investment Fund v Vannin Capital). The proceeding has involved the virtual cross-examination of witnesses, including witnesses in Sydney and Isle of Man (with witnesses from Malta and Jersey to appear this week).

Anne Horvath appeared in the District Court using an audio-visual link to present closing submissions in a medical negligence hearing.

More matters have been set down for final hearing by video or telephone in the near future. This week, Robert Dick SC will be appearing against Sandy Dawson SC and Tim Senior via videolink in a hearing before Ward CJ in Eq in the Supreme Court. In April, Robert Newlinds SC will be appearing in a final hearing in the Corporations List. In May, Naomi Oreb will appear as junior counsel in a 5 day hearing before Lee J in the Federal Court. In June, Tom Blackburn SC with Anais D’Arville will appear in six-week defamation trial before Jagot J in the Federal Court to be conducted using Microsoft Teams.

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