By InfoTrack.

When NSW mandated electronic settlements in July 2019, it became the third state to do so in this shift to digital for the legal industry. Navigating this new mandate has been rewarding for some firms and challenging for others. For many, learning a new system to conduct e-settlements has been time consuming. Have you considered using a trusted partner to handle the administrative aspects of your property transactions, once the contract goes unconditional?

Outsourcing your e-settlements means you can focus on the more skilled facets of your role and increase your profit margins. SettleIT offers you access to a wide selection of trusted SettleIT agents across Australia. Each agent offers years of settlement expertise and uses InfoTrack’s settlement workflow automation technology. There are SettleIT agents based nationally who have been verified by InfoTrack. This means you can trust they are experts at assisting you with settling your client’s property transactions.

How SettleIT works:

SettleIT allows you to share the administration load, post unconditional contract exchange. With one click, you can book a SettleIT agent who will act under your instructions and provide a personalised fixed-price service. By reducing the load of administration tasks, you can focus on the more skilled facets and increase your profit margins.

You simply book the service you need, when you need it and immediately benefit from time and cost savings for your firm. At all times, you maintain complete control of your client matters and the direct relationship with your client.

But how does outsourcing electronic settlements develop stronger client relationships?

There are three ways:

1. Improved updates: SettleIT now guarantees a two-hour response time and keeps you informed at each step of the process. This means you can conduct your day to day tasks without worrying about the progress of a settlement.

2. More flexibility: From the point your matter goes unconditional right up until settlement, you can now book a SettleIT agent at any step along the process. SettleIT will support you with as little or as much of the administration aspects of the conveyancing process that you need.

3. National authorised SettleIT agents: SettleIT is now supported by a network of authorised settlement agents who fully comply and carry the appropriate insurance and PEXA registration to settle matters electronically or manually.

After using SettleIT, Michelle Walker of Baxters Solicitors in Queensland said, “My settlement went very smoothly with the assistance of the SettleIT Team. They were patient and helped get my matter across the line.”

InfoTrack’s mission is to support all lawyers and conveyancers to work smarter, not harder. InfoTrack’s SettleIT takes away the admin tasks, so you can focus on performing the high-value components of your role like client advisory, knowledge and communication. 

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