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Although you, your family and your friends think that your resumé is wonderful and who wouldn’t want to hire you, the reality in this crowded and competitive legal market is very different.

There are not many recruiters who will sit down with you and help you craft your resumé. It’s their job to fill the next job, and if your resume has flaws, then someone else’s resumé is only one click away.

Learn the art and science of resumé writing, here at Legal Practice Intelligence.

Career development consultant and resumé writing specialist, Matt Tutty (pictured above) has joined Legal Practice Intelligence as a regular contributor to our careers sections, Careers LPI.

Matt will be sharing career development tips and advice at Legal Practice Intelligence, drawing on his 19 years of experience in recruitment, HR and training.

Legal Practice Intelligence in conjunction with Matt Tutty will guide you in the search for your next career role, help you with avoiding mistakes in your next move, resumé writing, and meeting the challenges of redundancy, unemployment, interview handling and coping with both disappointment and success. 


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