The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) is holding its first (annual) Australian conference, or Institute as it is known, in Sydney.

In the US, the CLOC annual conference was the largest and fastest growing (in-house) legal operations event in history. Approximate attendee numbers at the annual conference were 500 in 2016, 1,000 in 2017 and (almost) 2,000 in 2018. Now this wave of enthusiasm about changing the way in-house legal teams conduct their business is about to sweep Australia.

The Australian CLOC Institute to be held in September 2018 will feature international speakers including Mary O’Carroll, who at last year’s CLOC Institute, captured the essence and enthusiasm of the movement with the following words:

To the Legal Departments: Challenge yourselves to do something bold. Share what you’re doing with everyone else and help us all get there faster…

To the Law Firms: First, to the ones who are here… Thank you. Talking to you is like a breath of fresh air. Go back and preach! …

To the ASPs/LPOs/LSOs: Keep reminding us that it’s possible to get great value AND great quality. Keep reminding us that we have alternatives. And keep reminding others of us that there are also alternative career paths.

To the Technology Companies: You are the enablers. You are giving us the systems and tools to make change in this industry possible. Make it easy for us to implement. Make it easy for us to demonstrate ROI. Make it easy for us to get people to adopt your tools — eliminate the extra clicks and ensure your UI is clean and easy to use. And most importantly, push the rest of us to standardize, standardize, standardize everything.

To the Law Schools: We are counting on you to train the next generation of leaders. Adapt your curriculum. Help ensure this next generation is constantly looking forward instead of only looking backwards.

The list of sponsors of the Australian conference further highlights the developing category of specialised in-house legal technology which we recently reported on here at the Rise of In-House Legal Technology Platforms. CLOC Australia Institute sponsors include: Dazychain, LawVu, Simple Legal, Elevate and Exigent.

Learn more about the September 2018 event here.