Graphic courtesy InfoTrack. InfoTrack advises that while it does not have any formal partnership in place with LexisNexis, the InfoTrack system may be used in conjunction with Lexis Affinity without breaching the Lexis Affinity end user agreement. InfoTrack remains committed to ensuring that the InfoTrack System works and will continue to work smoothly with the Lexis Affnity system

InfoTrack has announced its 26th integration partner, Reckon APS. 

What’s Integration? In a nutshell, integration allows all of InfoTrack’s searches to be launched directly from a matter within your practice management system (PMS). Key matter information such as the matter reference number, title and address details are mapped into InfoTrack and appear prepopulated in relevant search screens. Once the search is complete, the search documents and disbursements are returned to the PMS in real time – that means no time-wasting, no mistakes, no chasing up results or matter numbers, and no lost disbursements.

According to InfoTrack, over 70% of its 7,200+ clients are using InfoTrack via integration from their PMS.

Andrew Wing, Business Solutions Manager at InfoTrack says “Systems performing a single task are outdated. With the amount of data the legal industry relies upon, it only makes sense that firms have systems in place that can talk to each other and share information. Computer storage and processing power are inexpensive commodities these days, you can purchase unlimited amounts from cloud computing providers; think Amazon, Microsoft Azure, where you are charged per second of processing power, per megabyte of storage.”

Streamline workflows using integration with a Practice Management System.

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