InfoTrack today announced the acquisition of New Zealand legal tech start up, WillNotice to expand into family law, wills, estates and probate.

WillNotice software built by Founder, Stuart Bale, was specifically designed for wills and estates lawyers to automatically match death notices to wills.

InfoTrack AU CEO, John Ahern says, “This acquisition forms part of a strategic plan to replicate the success we’ve had in property law and conveyancing, but for family law, wills, estates and probate.”

Ahern adds, “With Australia’s ageing population climbing, the business of wills, estates and probate is a growing area of practice. In June 2019, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the number of people aged 85 years and over increased by 117.1% over the last two decades, compared with a total population growth of 34.8% over the same period. InfoTrack is currently developing multiple market-first solutions to help lawyers with achieving increased efficiencies in these growing practice areas.”

InfoTrack is a household name in property law and conveyancing with over 8000 law firms in Australia and New Zealand using their suite of end to end e-conveyancing solutions, and integration with more than 30 practice management systems. When implemented, the newly acquired WillNotice technology will enable InfoTrack clients to be notified when any of their clients, executors or beneficiaries need to be contacted in relation to a death.

New Zealand Country Manager, Dennis Wade says “WillNotice already has steady take-up in New Zealand. We’re excited about connecting it to the InfoTrack platform, initially offering it to our New Zealand clients and integrating it to our partner Practice Management Systems.”

Bale says “I’m very excited to partner with InfoTrack who are recognised as a global legal tech innovator. My goal when I built this solution was to make it easier for lawyers to know when to contact a client about a death notice, and from there, I wanted to prove the tech worked and build adoption of the product.”

Under Ahern’s leadership, Bale will be working with InfoTrack to provide advisory support to the New Zealand and Australian teams.