Two innovation patents found invalid

On Thursday 29 March 2018, judgment was delivered by Perram J in the Federal Court in relation to a long running patent dispute between SAI, Encompass (the owner of the patents), and InfoTrack. The dispute concerned SAI’s allegation that InfoTrack infringed two innovation patents by using InfoTrack’s “Reveal” functionality. InfoTrack has been disputing the validity of these two patents before the court since 2015.

After a long fight, InfoTrack is vindicated in its position that these patents for methods of displaying corporate information are invalid. SAI and Encompass will now decide over the next two months if they want to appeal this decision to the Full Federal Court.

Stephen Wood – Chairman of InfoTrack Group of Companies

According to the Chairman of the InfoTrack Group of Companies Stephen Wood, “InfoTrack’s belief is that combining conventional data search and visualisation technologies for the use of customers in the corporate information industry should not be monopolised by one trader. InfoTrack is pleased with the result, which clears its Reveal technology from the cloud of allegations by SAI and Encompass.”