Invaulta is a feature-rich software system for managing documents held in safe custody. Not only does it store details (metadata) about documents but it is designed to store complete scanned versions of the documents themselves. Once scanned by an OCR-capable scanner, the documents become searchable within the system.

Being cloud-based, Invaulta takes advantage of the benefits available with the cloud. Documents can be made viewable not only by the law firm but by other parties such as the client and the client’s other professional advisors.

There is the facility to store 35 different document types. The system can become a central organising point for a person or business’ important documents. For example, an accountant or financial planner might upload a trust deed.

Invaulta is the creation of Brisbane-based lawyer Craig Spink, aided by a team of programmers. Mr Spink brings to Invaulta more than ten years of experience in the field of estate law. 

The software has been in development for a number of years. Up until recently, it has only been made available to a small number of firms, one of which is a large specialist estate law firm. The system is now available to all law firms.

Annual subscription costs are modest with pricing based on storage used. Already packed with innovative features, ongoing development plans point to a revolution in the making for safe custody systems.

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Invaulta from Craig Spink on Vimeo.