As we emerge from lockdowns there’s still a few outstanding issues to resolve.

For Employers

Do I need to change workstation layouts to make more space for each employee?

Do I need to put up individual barriers at workstations to create cubicles?

Is hotdesking still acceptable?

Is it reasonable to expect staff to catch potentially crowded public transport?

Which staff do I allow to continue working from home?

Do I need to provide masks, gloves or special cleaning services?

Do I need to take every employee’s temperature each day?

When do I increase staff hours or pay that was cut?

If I don’t increase pay rates will competitors steal my staff?

For Employees

Can I get my old pay-rate now?

Can I get my job back?

Can I get any job?

Is now a good time to change firms?

Do I start my own firm?

How do I safely use trains and buses that used to be so crowded that I often could not get on?

If high rise elevator capacities are reduced then how long will I have to wait in the lobby? Is this my commute time?

Am I expected to sit in an open plan workstation in coughing distance of my neighbour?

How much time do I need to spend cleaning shared computers and hot desks?

Can I please work from home – at least on some days?

Where did I put my work shoes?