KLAiM, Kennedys’ virtual defence lawyer that allows clients to take more control over litigation, is being rolled out internationally and also to new lines.

KLAiM 4 is the latest version of its online litigation system designed to help clients use lawyers less.

Using the collective knowhow of hundreds of Kennedys’ lawyers, it allows clients to deal with litigation without needing to use a lawyer.

According to Kennedys, UK clients are settling in excess of 80% of their claims inside the system without the need for a lawyer at all.

The web-based platform provides built-in templates and guidance notes that navigate the user through the litigation process via a workflow, with an automated diary and traffic light system. KLAiM also auto-populates and generates all the relevant court documentation.

KLAiM is now being adapted to work across the firm’s international network including the USA, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Australia.

Kennedys’ Australian office was established in 2006. It is currently comprised of 13 partners, 80+ people and now, one virtual defence lawyer.