AI for Lawyers is a guide to AI in law and includes contributions from a range of thought leaders in the legal AI space

Kira Systems, an industry leader in machine learning contract review and analysis software, released its new book AI For Lawyers: How Artificial Intelligence is Adding Value, Amplifying Expertise, and Transforming Careers.

Co-authored by legal AI pioneers, Noah Waisberg and Alexander Hudek, CEO and CTO of Kira Systems, AI for Lawyers explores how AI can be used to revolutionize an organization’s operations. The book is published by leading global publisher Wiley, and is intended for any lawyer who either feels uneasy about how AI might change law or is looking to capitalize on the change.

“AI is the latest step in driving the practice of law forward,” said Waisberg. “It is heavily used in law, and offers real advantages for lawyers who embrace it, and perils for those who don’t. I’m happy to be a part of this change and hope this book can be a guide that pushes the industry even further.”

AI for Lawyers delivers information crucial to understanding the future of law, in an accessible and readable format meant to demystify the jargon surrounding AI and show the powerful practicality that comes with embracing it. New and aspiring lawyers will find this book indispensable, as it details exciting career options and trajectories that weren’t possible only a few years ago. It also provides a framework for adopting AI in practical detail, while highlighting how AI is being used today to achieve substantially better results for law firms around the world. The book further explains:

  • Why AI is so vital in the legal workspace, and how lawyers can expand their opportunities through AI and technology
  • How to amplify legal knowledge through the use of AI
  • The various types of AI tools available including eDiscovery, legal research, contract analysis software, expert systems, and litigation analytics
  • How to incorporate AI into large, mid-sized, or small practices in order to find hidden efficiencies, better manage risks, and better exceed client expectations

Along with the expertise of the authors, the book includes significant contributions by leading industry experts on select topics. This includes Sam Glover and Carolyn Elefant on AI for solo and small-firm lawyers; Mark Ross, Mary O’Carroll, Jason Barnwell, and Corinne Geller on modern legal jobs; Dera Nevin on AI in eDiscovery; Jake Heller, Laura Safdie, and Pablo Arredondo on AI in legal research; Amy Monaghan and Alicia Ryan supplementing Alexander and Noah on contract analysis; Michael Mills on expert systems; and Joshua Walker and Anthony Niblett on litigation analytics. Their collective backgrounds, experiences, and insights add to the book’s depth.

AI for Lawyers is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, and other retailers. For more details, visit Kira Systems’ website.

Industry Praise for the Book

“I learned a great deal from this engaging book on AI for Lawyers. It was a quick, page-turning read. I highly recommend it.” – Brad Karp, Chairman, Paul Weiss

“Noah and Alex’s book is a valuable introduction to the future of AI in the legal profession.” – Dev Stahlkopf, Corporate Vice President & General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation

“This book brings AI down to earth with an admirable lightness of touch.” – Richard Susskind, author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers

“Alex and Noah have written a demystifying AI book which will help lawyers take advantage of AI technology to create new customer value. They cover the key resources and processes needed to deliver value, which will help all lawyers capture this AI-driven value in their go-to-market approaches, enabling them to develop new ways to solve old problems.” – Michelle Mahoney, Executive Director, Innovation, King & Wood Mallesons

“Noah & Alexander have written a classic. This is everything you ever wanted to know about technology and the law but never dared ask. Through their lucid explanations of how the technology works, how it can be applied and how it’s fast improving, your eyes will be opened to a future of legal practice that is more enjoyable, profitable and just. As the pace of technological change accelerates exponentially, this book provides an accessible way to jump in and become part of the revolution.” – David Morley, Global Managing Partner, Global Senior Partner (2003–2016), Allen & Overy; Consultant & Portfolio Chair (2017–)

AI for Lawyers is the definitive guide to artificial intelligence in the law. This isn’t surprising given that Noah and Alexander created an AI-based business that’s contributed to redefining the legal industry. Filled with insights and practical tips, every lawyer and legal professional should read this book.” – James Goodnow, CEO (Managing Partner), Fennemore Craig, P.C.