Legal specialists will compete with Legal artificial intelligence (AI) in conducting legal reviews of various contracts, raising the possibility of AI technology replacing humans in the field of legal affairs.

The Korea Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law (KAAIL) and the Judicial Policy Research Institute will host a conference on August 29 to discuss the future of Legal AI.

At the conference, two teams each comprised of lawyers and AI will compete with each other in reviewing various contracts.

The competition will involve analyzing contracts on employment and confidentiality to deduce legal problems, and create a report listing the legal grounds that result in those problems.

The AI team will use AI technology developed by a South Korean law firm.

The AI, soon to be available for commercial use, is capable of analyzing various problems in contracts and providing their legal grounds within 10 seconds of the contract being uploaded.

The AI is also capable of recommending contract templates tailored to meet the best interests of all parties.

The AI’s developer is currently working with South Korean courts and the Ministry of Justice to accumulate data on various decisions and legislation to enable the AI to offer more accurate legal analysis.

The results of the competition, depending on how it turns out, are expected to impact the current legal services market.

Once it is proven that AI is capable of analyzing legal documents, it may be able to replace not only various real estate services, but also notarization tasks, said experts.

Some call on the need to question the legality of AIs conducting legal work without proper certification.