The Search People’s CEO, Rafe Berding

Aussie lawyers to see new era of affordable tech

Australian law firms are set to benefit from the launch of a new online regulatory information provider The Search People.

The Search People offers legal professionals low cost information services and a suite of technology solutions, specialising in the provision of national property, business and consumer searches.

The Search People is the latest provider to disrupt the market, offering an online platform with central access to 5,000+ legal searches and the latest industry innovations, including integrated electronic conveyancing, digital signing, eContracts and Verification of Identity.

The Search People CEO Rafe Berding said the company specialised in providing lawyers and conveyancers with intelligent technology solutions to help them work more effectively and efficiently.   

“Legal and conveyancing professionals regularly require property, business and consumer information from hundreds of different sources,” Mr Berding said.

“Our solution provides practitioners with the widest range of information via one location and at the lowest price guaranteed – it’s quicker, more accessible and the most economic option.

“We are proud to provide the most accurate and trusted regulatory information from hundreds of authorities and land registries.

“Our mission is to bring this cutting-edge technology to as many legal and property professionals as possible by remaining agile, competitive and client-focused.”

Mr Berding said that The Search People also provides digital tools alongside its search functions and management offerings, including electronic conveyancing, digital signing and Verification of Identity.

“Our unique system is subscription-free with no lock-in contracts and includes a direct connection to the electronic conveyancing platform PEXA.

“We also have a network of more than 30 partners to allow for easy integration with leading practice and document management systems.

“Professionals have told us that they are sick of paying for exorbitant subscription and legal search fees and are wary of providers who hold their customers’ data at ransom.

The Search People is backed by leading technology company GlobalX and leverages the latest innovations available in the market.

It currently offers online access to over 5,000 legal searches, as well as a suite of digital tools aimed at empowering legal and property professionals to work digitally with more choice.

To find out more about The Search People, visit the website: