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From the official announcement:

Time capture specialist rekoop has announced details of its latest signing. Perth-based Lavan Legal, recognised as one of the region’s most innovative law firms, is set to deploy rekoop to its 180-+ staff, integrating with Aderant Expert.

The roll-out will comprise rekoop Desktop, the primary time recording interface; rekoop Digital Footprint, which monitors user activity in the background and encourages more accurate, complete time capture through configurable prompts; and rekoop for mobile, extending functionality to iPhones, iPads and BlackBerry devices.

Lavan Legal’s IS manager Marco Marcello explains the drivers behind the project: “As a forward thinking firm, we’re always looking at ways of doing things better, faster, and more efficiently. We’ve had our own in-house time entry system for some years but felt that now was the moment to bring in a specialist solution, with its richer capabilities and dedicated development program.

We liked the concept of time capture, the automatic finding of ‘missed’ time, but we were also mindful that our fee earners were used to the more traditional ‘clocks and timesheet’ approach. With rekoop, unlike some competitor products we looked at, we weren’t going to have to force them to choose, as the software supports both active and passive approaches equally well. So we felt confident that we had a system that gave us every chance of the positive adoption and buy-in that is so crucial to the success of law firm IT projects. A 4-week pilot of rekoop has subsequently confirmed that but interestingly, it has also highlighted just how easily users are transitioning to the time capture method and how valuable they find it in helping them recreate and record their day accurately.”

Phil Wedgwood, rekoop’s chief executive, comments: “While there were a lot of other factors in the mix – our mobile capability, our technical delivery and our commitment to R&D, for example, it was always this notion of user freedom, the fact that we don’t impose any particular style of working that was going to win the day. Lavan Legal didn’t just want the best, most advanced system for the sake of it, it wanted a tool that was of genuine use and convenience to its fee earners. And while the primary driver may not have been to recover more time, the pilot has already shown it’s been a welcome by-product – and with the full roll-out imminent, they’re well set to ‘rekoop more’.


About Lavan Legal

Lavan Legal is a top-tier firm based in Perth, Western Australia, with a client list that is extensive and based worldwide. The firm employs over 200 people and has a well-earned reputation for quality, service and innovation.

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