Last weekend, readers of Brisbane’s Courier Mail would have learned that a Brisbane based law firm is “developing a security of payment platform to allow subbies to access information about larger companies normally only available to those with money to spend on expensive legal background checks.”

Law firms have been marketing themselves as sources of knowledge. The law firm highlighted in this article is marketing itself as a source of information – important information for small building subcontractors whose livelihoods depend on getting paid by the companies they are working for.

This makes a lot of marketing sense. Sometimes, prospective clients are not looking for the best knowledge in the land. Sometimes they are just looking for information. Once you are a provider of information, you are in the prime seat to become the preferred supplier of knowledge.

The law firm describes itself as a “technology-driven” law firm. It has won an innovation award from the Queensland Law Society.

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Image from Helix Legal’s website