There was genuine excitement at last week’s* Sydney launch event for LEAP 2x. At the conclusion of a short video introducing LEAP 2x, the sizeable audience erupted into cheering and enthusiastic applause.

Why the excitement? Donna Broadley, CEO of LEAP Legal Software Australia, told the audience that LEAP 2x represented one of the biggest and most innovative updates to LEAP software. LEAP 2x is first and foremost a product of the feedback of LEAP’s clients, she explained. In this new version there is something for everyone, for the managing partner, for the paralegal, for the bookkeeper and for the receptionist, Donna Broadley proudly announced.

LEAP’s Selma Raso and Jake Frykberg went further into the details of the update. They revealed LEAP’s refreshed interface that enhances both ease of use and productivity.

LEAP 2x has been updated for better use with multiple monitors.

There are now new sorting options for viewing correspondence/document types.

There are enhanced notifications and controls for precedents updates.

Text (SMS) messages can now be sent directly from LEAP and they will be saved in matter correspondence.

Time recording has become more accessible with a launch-icon positioned on the home screen.

Documents can now be sorted by modified-date. There are new notification options for changes to documents which is important when more than one person is working on a document.

A number of enhancements to accounting were unveiled such as searching for cost recoveries, matter financial summary views, disbursement payments and greatly enhanced invoice functionality. An important update announced was automated payment reminders so that clients will receive timely reminders to pay invoices.

There is now a comprehensive audit trail of changes to matter details that includes a version comparison tool.

There were too many enhancements and new features to show all of them during the evening’s formal presentation. On the large screens after the presentation there were teaser videos showing integrations between LEAP and Alexa and LEAP and Apple smartwatches.

Almost 10 years ago, LEAP 10 was launched. Three years later, LEAP Office Cloud came onto the scene. Now it is LEAP 2x. Based on the reactions of the audience at the event, this update to LEAP software is one that users will genuinely get excited about.

*Sydney launch event 14 November 2019