South west of Darwin NT, in the Collalinga Central shopping centre, is Australia’s most technologically novel law firm, known as Law Firm Without Lawyers. 

At Law Firm Without Lawyers, a client can sit down at a computer and draft legal documents such as a Will. Assisting the user is Ailira (Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Resource Assistant), as well as a real human being – a non-lawyer – whose role is to help the client navigate the software.

The firm was established in late 2017. A new branch is opening in Karratha, WA and more branches are planned this year in other states.

The Law Firm Without Lawyers needs lawyers

Law Firm Without Lawyers is reaching clients in parts of Australia where lawyers are thin on the ground.

Ailira is seeking to partner with Australian lawyers who can see the benefit of using the technology either on their own law firm’s website or through a physical branch office.  

Lessons learned over two years of operations

A lot has been learned over the past two years. Founder, Adrian Cartland:

We decided to open in Darwin and now in Western Australia because I believe locations like this are where legal solutions for the general public are needed most, rural and regional Australia. I also believe the same applies in regional and rural jurisdictions around the world from the UK, to Canada, the US and beyond.

In these locations it’s just a fact of life that a few solicitors / attorneys serve a great many people over a wide geographical area and prices tend to be no cheaper (and sometimes more expensive) than legal service options in the city.

Our AI legal solution is, like many others, just part of the larger jigsaw that is the future of delivering legal services to those that need it. The Law Firm Without Lawyers offers clients an opportunity to generate legal documents as though they were talking directly to a lawyer with a LTA (legal technology assistant) always in attendance to ensure the client knows how to use the technology and access the information they need to make informed decisions. The best part of all is that there is always a specialist lawyer available locally to speak to, if needed.

Interestingly we’ve discovered it’s rare that the client wants to talk to a lawyer once they are up and running with a legal document.

In the same breath we’ve learnt that people still want or need that human interaction whilst completing legal documents.

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