CRM software v client-life-cycle management software

All businesses can be described as people businesses but the ultimate type of people-business has to be professional services. The number and quality of relationships or ‘people-connections’ can make the difference to thriving as a law firm. While almost everyone has heard of CRM (client relationship management) software, far fewer have heard about client-life-cycle management software. 

There are countless different CRM software products available on the market. Mostly these are contact databases and list management tools. For people-businesses such as professional services firms, and particularly law firms, there are benefits of having software that offers more than CRM tools.

Around six years ago a new software company emerged known as One.Place™ with software to meet the specific needs of professional services firms. The software is built on’s platform. While it comes pre-configured it is also highly customisable. In its relatively short history, One.Place™ has been adopted by many notable Australian and international firms. The software company has strong ties to Australia as it was originally devised in Australia.

Al Tamimi & Company selects One.Place™

This month, One.Place™ was selected by leading Middle East firm, Al Tamimi & Company which provides an extensive portfolio of legal services to diverse clients across many industry sectors. Al Tamimi & Co has 17 offices in nine countries across the Middle East, with 66 partners and 350 lawyers.

Patrick Earl, Chief Operating Officer at Al Tamimi & Company said, “Client service is at the top of our agenda and we are continually looking at ways to innovate because it can always be improved no matter where you are on your journey. We see working with OnePlace as an opportunity to evolve our client engagement in a way that will significantly benefit our clients.”

Conversations with OnePlace began in February 2018 and Al Tamimi & Company were on board just four months later. OnePlace will be rolled out across the firm. The initial focus will be business development and marketing functions and it follows that Al Tamimi are keen to make the most of OnePlace’s Referral Management, and Proposal Builder modules. Earl continued, “The vision is to manage client engagement more tightly, streamline and automate internal processes and enhance business development. The Al Tamimi team saw that OnePlace can make this happen.”

Amber Pasha, CRM Manager at Al Tamimi and Company added, “It has been refreshing to work with such a responsive team. OnePlace’s strength comes from their understanding of both the legal sector and client lifecycle management. I’m looking forward to the implementation phase, we’re confident that OnePlace will deliver significant business value.”

OnePlace will also integrate with other solutions in place at Al Tamimi & Company including their PMS, eMarketing and ERM applications.

Tim Smith, Chief Executive Officer of OnePlace, commented, “The continued international adoption of OnePlace fully supports our strategic growth and we are obviously delighted to be working with this innovative regional market leader to help them gain more from their CLM approach. The OnePlace team can’t wait to show them just how much business benefit OnePlace can deliver.”

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