Job advertisements for solicitors were still 26% below the same period as last year (November 2020 v November 2019) whereas job advertisements for ‘all occupations’ Australia-wide had risen to the extent that they were at the same level as last year.

For ‘all occupations’ December 2020 was the eighth consecutive month on month increase in job advertisements which now stand 11.1% (or 17,100 advertisements) above the level recorded in December 2019.

Job ads statistics provide an indication that law firms took advantage of the uncertainty to reduce staff numbers and have been much more conservative about re-hiring.

Law firms and professional services are a ‘people business’ and the pandemic may have led to existing staff working much harder or more efficiently. We have all heard about clients wanting more for less. Now it may be that employers are also aspiring for the same goal from their staff.

(Graph shows all occupations job ads Australia-wide).