LAWGUN has rolled out across all Australian jurisdictions with their unique (and FREE) ‘Uber-like’ smart search that finds consumers the best ‘live auctioned’ rates for case winning lawyers who have the best customer and expert backed reputations. See earlier report here.

For Melbourne and Adelaide based co-founders Nicholas James and Dan Woods (both ‘reformed’ lawyers, ‘boom boom’) there had to be a easy-to-use cloud analytics solution to help the community traverse the minefield of trying to find a great lawyer. “We were keenly aware that making great choices about legal representation is often as important as making good health care choices, but there were no unbiased, data-backed tools available to give consumers that power.” says Nicholas, Director of Investment at LAWGUN.

“Top search results are paid for; public reviews can be bought; recommendation sites were often ‘fronts’ for law firms; and it is an oft spoken maxim that consumers have no bargaining power against the legal profession. There had to be a better, fairer way to tip the scales in the community’s favour so that they could pursue justice, or get the best service for their business. Now there is – for any and all legal situations.”

“After a tour of Silicon Valley in 2018, we spent months refining the system and ‘pluggin in’ terabytes of case result data and detailed reviews from local peers and consumers around the globe, and now our patented world-first algorithms draw on over 8 million records in order to match user preferences with the best matched case winners for the best ‘inside’ rates, every time.”

“And with each new match, the system adjusts the algorithms based on the detailed periodic feedback. It’s been great watching the system evolve, and it has definitely been put to the test throughout the H2 2018 Australian expansion which has seen enquiry growth rates of 7-19% per month.”

“Heavy growth is a great problem to have” adds Nicholas, “and if it continues, about 1 in 23 new legal users in Australia will be using LAWGUN to find their services by Q3 2019, and that isn’t factoring in our overseas expansion.”

“For customer-focused, case winning, firms who offer the best rates, that represents hundreds of thousands of dollars of more work streaming to them from local poor performing firms – which drives better standards and efficiency across the industry. LAWGUN is a rare win/win for users and practitioners, as it helps savvy firms to capture greater local market share, from their desks. No more pouring money into the ether for inadequate SEO or ads. It’s a game-changer.”

“When we were in Silicon Valley, we realised that no-one had yet harnessed machine learning in this space and so headed back and fast-tracked our international patents and trademarks, and immediately started planning a staged rollout into Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa.” says Dan Woods, Director of Operations.

“Once LAWGUN Australia started hitting revenue targets late last year, we commenced backdoor ASX listing discussions, and started planning the United States launch (into it’s over $375B AUD legal services industry). However, unbeknown to us, we were already on the radar of two U.S. legal tech firms, who have their own ideas about how the LAWGUN tech can be integrated to increase the effectiveness of their existing systems and products. So, we are now scheduled to head over early April for face-to-face partnership discussions with five operators and analytics firms across North America. Early indications are that they ‘get’ the change we are trying to lead, and see the direct and indirect value in our tech at this important time of industry evolution.” adds Nicholas.

“But, from Day 1, we have been laser-focused on ensuring our tech remains independent, accessible and free to the community” adds Nicholas, “so it is important to us that it won’t ever get shelved or ‘priced’ from reach – and we have been clear about that in all of our early discussions. Watch this space.”

LAWGUN is free for the community to use 24/7 at