We know that consumers and businesses have a tough time finding the right lawyer at the right time and the right price-bracket. Personal referrals, Google searches and online reviews have big limitations and it can be as frustrating for the law firm as it is for the consumer.

Fortitude Creative (a collective of lawyers, techies, comms wizards, and execs) has launched LAWGUN to help consumers with these challenges.

Individuals and businesses looking for legal assistance enter details of their situation into the LAWGUN system, which then matches them with law firms.

How does the matching process work?

Daniel Woods, Director of Operations of LAWGUN: “We mapped out a system that would pull in and analyse data from several international proprietary systems, the unique rate bidding system, and our extensive feedback, case success, regulatory and expert review databases.”

What has been the experience of early-adopter law firms?

Nicholas James, Director of Investment at LAWGUN: “As we are progressively rolling out LAWGUN across the nation, we are still blown away by the level of early engagement we have had from modern firms and partners, who are focused on expanding their practice by actively fostering their superior – data backed – client reputation. This is the way the industry should work, and now it can.

“LAWGUN active firms see that expensive SEO and advertising fees are a flat-out waste of capital, when they should be focusing on bringing work to their door on the back of their client ratings and successful outcomes. LAWGUN gives firms of all tiers the opportunity to use their reputation to divert work from other local firms, with no subscription fees or useless firm portal setups. Leads to their inbox for bidding, real time. Simple.”

What is the LAWGUN difference?

Commenting on LAWGUN’s uniqueness, Nicholas James says that the service “is the world’s only I.P. protected algorithmic smart search for lawyers.”

Law firms interested in receiving opportunities through the service can contact LAWGUN via www.lawgun.com.au