“Will it run on a Mac?” is probably the most frequently asked question by any Mac user. The most frequent answer for small law firm Mac users has been “No”. The game is changing because the question “will it run on a Mac?” is becoming redundant. More and more software is becoming available on remote servers which are often accessed through web browsers. 
This is the cloud computing phenomenon. Macs can just as easily access and use these software products as Windows computers. Cloud computing in its typical form avoids the need to install software on local computers. The revolution for Mac users is that software doesn’t have to run on a Mac to be used by a Mac.

While it is not technically cloud computing, some of these principles have been adopted by Australian practice management software company LawWare. For the past 12 months it has been working with a small law firm that has Windows small business server and a network of Mac workstations. LawWare and the law firm have developed a method for users to be able to use LawWare software from any Mac workstation.

For firms with stand-alone Macs, the usual method of simulating a Windows environment so that they can use LawWare, is the recommended solution. Greg Upex, the technical director of LawWare, prefers Parallels software over the other options. Parallels is inexpensive and LawWare’s Mac clients have had excellent results with it.

The not uncommon approach of software companies has been to send Mac users away but now LawWare has become a Mac friendly company and Mac users are very welcome.

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