A milestone for FilePro and a milestone for the legal practice software industry in Australia

From 1st January 2020, Todd Keeler will assume the role of CEO for FilePro, assisted by Lasse Stenersen, co-director and CTO. David Keeler will move from CEO to a directorship and CFO role.

David Keeler is FilePro’s founder and has led the company for 30 years. The are few people today who can claim to have shaped the way that law firms operate through the use of software. David Keeler is one of those people, having conceived, designed and developed much of the core functionality of FilePro’s legal practice management software. His design vision has not only created the blueprint for FilePro software but has widely influenced Australian software that has aspired to achieve the efficient operation of legal practices. 

David Keeler has shared his story of succession challenges and ultimately succession success at the FilePro blog at this link.

Unlimited FilePro training

One of FilePro’s recent achievements is increasing its users’ skills and knowledge of its software. The number of users participating in training has increased 37-fold. David Keeler comments:

[In six month] we have seen over 600 attendees across all of our training events – from training courses as well as CBD and Regional Essentials training events.

Again in October our CBD essentials course was fully booked within 24 hours prompting an additional session for the afternoon which is now also fully booked.

It is so satisfying to see over 100 users, in one day, attend the course and see the functionality and potential that FilePro offers to their firm.

We fully anticipate that by the time we reach our one year anniversary we will have trained close to 1,500 FilePro users. Compared to the previous 12 months, where we only had 40 users attend training courses, this is a huge result and justifies our faith in the unlimited training initiative.