Leap Accounting New Version 7

LEAP Accounting is the financial component of LEAP Office. Legal Practice Bulletin (LPB) had the opportunity to preview this release and here we present our selection of the top 7 new features of v7.  

LPB’s Top 7 New Features of LEAP Accounting v7:
1) Multi Card to Matter Relationships
Was life ever so simple that a law firm’s client was an individual who was also the same person that paid the bill and received the statements for the matter? The reality is that the client may be one party, the person paying the invoices another party and the recipient of trust and office statements yet someone else. Version 7 introduces the ability to select who is the client, who is responsible for paying the bills and who is required to receive statements. The processing of these functions then follows the selections made.
2) Bulk Invoicing
Now you can select multiple matters in a new screen to generate bulk draft or final bills. Anyone involved in generating multiple invoices for a solicitor will find this a huge time saver. No longer will you have to plod through each matter to generate one invoice after another.
3) Branch Office Reporting
For firms operating out of more than one location, matters can now be tagged as belonging to a particular branch. Similar to the way you can run management reports by fee earner, you can now select to run them by branch.
4) New Documents Register
V7 now comes with a new documents register. Keep track of wills and deeds in safe packets with LEAP Accounting. There is the facility to keep track of multiple documents in a single safe packet. LEAP has redesigned a documents register from the ground up.
5) Protected Trust Money
Now a solicitor can protect funds in trust that are needed for future disbursements or settlements. This is likely to reduce altercations between accounts staff and solicitors over “where’s that money I needed for so and so…?”.
6) Export to Excel Buttons
For those people who don’t feel they’ve done an honest day’s work unless they’ve sliced and diced data in an Excel spreadsheet, LEAP Accounting now has a one click export of tables and reports in Excel format. Some exporting to Excel was possible before but now with handy little icons scattered about, plus other improvements, this functionality will enter the mainstream.
7) An Updated User Interface
V7 gets bigger and more colourful buttons to make navigating the system less daunting. There are some new tabs for differentiating between fixed fee entries, time entries and cost recoveries. Other interface enhancements include more sorting functionality by clicking column headings; hover help and suggestive results typing.
Just in case you were wondering, as we were, v7 has nothing to do with the fact that Microsoft recently launched Windows 7. It’s just a coincidence of version numbers. LEAP Accounting v7 is scheduled for release sometime before March 2010.