LEAP Legal Software has launched in Canada. This is the next major international expansion for the Australia-based legaltech software developer.

After two decades of establishing a solid base in Australia, LEAP embarked on ambitious international expansion launching in the UK in January 2015. In the USA, LEAP was released in New Jersey in July 2016. In the same month LEAP software was launched in Ireland.

The uptake of LEAP by UK firms has been significant.

In the USA, LEAP is installed in 23 states.

LEAP’s core software development team is based in Sydney. Local content development teams (e.g. precedents and expert systems) are based in the country in which they are used.

LEAP’s content has always been a standout feature of the system. Localised content development has helped propel LEAP’s growth in international markets.

Richard Hugo-Hamman, Executive Chairman of LEAP told Legal Practice Intelligence, “following its incredible success in Australia, we launched By Lawyers in the UK in April 2019. More than 500 firms and more than 4,000 users in the UK now also use By Lawyers to run their firms profitably. We are currently developing By Lawyers for Canadian firms as well.”

“Launching into a new country in Covid has been a huge challenge for us with every meeting online, but we are confident that Canadian lawyers will embrace LEAP in the same way that Australian lawyers have,” he said.

The LEAP company already has a presence in Canada through its joint venture, announced in 2019, with LexisNexis PCLaw and Time Matters.

LEAP Canada www.leaplegalsoftware.ca