The product promises a simple self install to take advantage of document management and assembly including access to Smokeball forms and precedents. It is priced at $80 (plus GST) per month per person.

LEAP describes the product:  “The LEAP Host acts as your Server and all your data is synchronised each time you connect to the Internet…. You work in LEAP Expedite which is on your PC, access Step-by-Step Guides in a web browser, and instantly merge data from your Electronic Matter into a standard Word document that you have selected from the browser, and save it onto your PC….The matter data and [your] documents are created on [your] PC and replicated on the [LEAP] Server….You can take LEAP Expedite with you and work offline or online to the Internet.” Link to LEAP Expedite.

Comment: Legal Practice Intelligence views the design of Expedite as taking advantage of many of the benefits of Cloud computing while retaining the familiarity and control of local computing. Link to Review of LEAP Expedite