Stephen Wood, Managing Director of LEAP Searching has told Legal Practice Intelligence that LEAP’s searching service is the company’s “best kept secret”. LEAP Legal Software Pty Ltd is famously known for its practice management software which is used by thousands of legal practices across Australia. These thousands of firms also benefit from the searching functionality accessible through the practice management software. According to Stephen Wood, this has led to a commonly held misconception that LEAP Searching is only available for LEAP practice management software users.  Stephen Wood knows the searching business. In the late 1980s he was one of a handful of people involved in the establishment of the pioneering Lawpoint service. His passion for product development and client satisfaction has not diminished over the years. He proudly recounts how the service has been responsive to client feedback. LEAP Searching recently released a new service that allows clients to order title related searches along with all the relevant certificates required to produce a contract of sale.  “This feature was suggested to us by Marina Eyeington of Village Green Conveyancing and other clients, and we are pleased that after investing in developing this functionality, that clients are very happy with how easy it is to use and the time and money it saves them on every matter. This type of innovation is one of the ways LEAP Searching has separated itself from the competitors” said Stephen Wood.

Stephen Wood Managing Director – Leap Searching

Other recent initiatives from LEAP Searching include obtaining a private ATO ruling so that NSW authority fees can be passed on to firms GST Free. The service now also includes the ability to arrange settlement agents and order reports such as building reports with just a few clicks of the mouse. The secret’s out and Stephen Wood is inviting all legal practices, no matter what practice management software they use, to try out LEAP Searching.