Legal Aid NSW provided representation in 39,385 matters last financial year (17/18).  Of those matters, 12,351 were provided by in-house Legal Aid lawyers and 27,034 were delegated to private practitioners. 

The number of matters delegated to private practitioners increased by 6.5% compared to the previous year however the funds allocated to private practitioners decreased by 1.5%. This would imply that more smaller matters are being outsourced to private practitioners or that the funds allocated to each matter has been reduced.

In addition to the 39K matters, Legal Aid provided 197,038 Duty Lawyer services, of which 120,296 were handled by in-house lawyers and 76,742 were delegated to private practictioners. 

Legal Aid NSW received funding of $320 million in 2017/18. Its expenditure for the year by program was Criminal Law $138.8m; Family Law $83.4m; Civil Law $43m and Community Partnerships (such as funding CLCs) was $53.7m.

20 law firms received more than $500K in matter and Duty Lawyer payments for the year. 

The top five were: 

  1. Mallinson Rake Lawyers Pty Limited $889K
  2. Ross Hill & Associate Solicitors $863K
  3. Geroge Sten & Co $842K
  4. Nyman Gibson Miralis (Sydney) $698K
  5. O’Brien Solicitors $691K