The book is a compilation of a series of interviews conducted by Simon Tupman. The Legal Eagles who are interviewed are Katy Allen MBE, Tim Aspinall, Ian Blackman, Elizabeth Broderick, Julian Burnside QC, Neville Eisenberg, Joana Foster, Andrew Grech, Joy Kingsley, Sir Nigel Knowles, Gregory Kim, Patrick Lamb, Christopher Marston, Clive Stafford Smith, Kathryn Tucker and Peter Williams QC.

The model of (antipodean) small law firm success is Ian Blackman and his firm BlackmanSpargo, which specialises in serving the needs of the New Zealand farming and rural community. 

In his interview Mr Blackman says “I think there is a great deal of work that should be done to educate lawyers on how to empathise with, and meet the needs of, a client. I categorise that as ‘sales’. It’s a dirty word in the profession, but I make no apology for it”. 

He also says “We practise law to make a difference and to help those farming families because they work hard all their lives and they deserve good professional advice. It’s a source of great professional fulfilment to see how we can best help those families”.

Here’s what people are saying about the book: Gerry Riskin “a spectacular source of knowledge and inspiration”; John Chisholm “inspirational people with inspirational stories”; Professor Richard Susskind “I warmly recommend this compelling book to all lawyers who like a feel for the leading edge” and Linda Julian “a rare collection of insights, wisdom, and anecdotes”. 

Link to the website of Legal Eagles – the book by Simon Tupman (Release date 1 November 2010)