Integreon Adds Artificial Intelligence-Powered Contract Review Technology with Kira Systems Partnership

Innovative machine-learning technology expands contract review capabilities for legal clients

The pace of regulatory and technological change worldwide has legal departments and law firms alike rethinking how to deliver higher value to their customers and clients that is greater than yesterday’s service models. With this in mind, Integreon, a leading provider of legal managed services, today announced it has partnered with Kira Systems to deliver unparalleled, AI-powered contract review services.

Adding Kira’s machine-learning technology to Integreon’s market-leading contract review expertise yields a combination that is greater than what is currently available in today’s marketplace: faster, more accurate contract review assistance for Integreon’s growing client roster.

“Incorporating Kira’s cutting-edge machine learning into our legal services offerings allows us to deliver more efficient due diligence reviews, contract reviews, migrations and analyses,” said Integreon CEO Bob Rowe. “Our partnership speaks to how we help organizations realize greater efficiency and profitability than what they can achieve on their own.”

Integreon has developed a deep understanding of how Kira’s machine-learning technology can be integrated into its existing services, including contract lifecycle management platform migration, post-merger integration and regulatory review.

“Integreon clients have long relied on us for the precision, efficiency and expertise necessary to tackle the information-intensive processes they are not equipped to handle,” Rowe said. “Now our clients can reap the additional benefits of exceptionally fast and highly accurate contract analysis and data abstraction through advanced, AI-enabled contract review.”

Continued collaboration between the businesses will advance Integreon’s delivery of legal services and give rise to previously unavailable, technology-enabled services, he added.

“I have long been impressed with Integreon’s contract review expertise, as shown through the company’s pioneering contract management work with Microsoft,” said Kira Systems CEO and co-founder Noah Waisberg. “We are proud they have chosen to incorporate Kira into their ongoing services to clients and look forward to working together.”

Kira provides software that excels at searching and analyzing contract data, offering pre-built machine-learning models applicable to due diligence, contract lifecycle management platform migrations, general commercial, corporate organization, real estate, compliance and more.

“Our new and improved AI-enabled contract review services help our clients save, on average, 45 percent review time, when compared to a purely manual approach, without sacrificing any accuracy,” said Mark Ross, Integreon’s global head of contracts, compliance and commercial services. “We now have certified Kira administrators in our delivery centers across four continents. Our partnership with Kira affirms our unwavering commitment to helping our clients achieve accurate and efficient contract data migrations and regulatory compliance without losing sight of efficiency and profitability.”

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