[pictured L:R Lara Paholski and Holly Tattersall]

GlobalX has reported double the national average of women working in the legal technology space ahead of International Women’s Day, bucking the trend in a typically male-dominated industry.

GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney claimed, “I believe we are the best in the Australian legal tech industry, our gender diversity in software development is world-class and we will never stop paving the way for more women to forge successful technology careers.”

Latest data from the company revealed that 50 per cent of its software development team is now made up of females and 49.46 per cent of its entire workforce are females, more than double the national average of less than one quarter (23 per cent) in the Australian Information and Communication Technology industry according to data from the Australian Department of Employment1.

Mr Maloney said the figures reflected a new era for women in technology.

“The gender equality in technology across the country is something that GlobalX has been actively addressing for many years by creating greater opportunities for women in our company.

“A key priority at GlobalX is to continue focusing on making sure we have the best people working for our company based on technical and interpersonal skills. When focused on creating a pathway for women in technology, we have seen enormous benefits. We have material improvement in team cohesiveness, design thinking and employee engagement. From graduates to senior developers, to system administrators and product designers; women have every right to play an equal role in technology and the equal right to move into leadership and executive roles.” Mr Maloney said.   

GlobalX’s Chief Marketing Officer Lara Paholski, who originally entered the business as co-founder and Executive General Manager of Verification of Identity solution IDSecure when it was acquired by GlobalX in 2018, has gone on to oversee the brand, marketing, communications and public relations functions of the business at an executive level.

Ms Paholski hopes her story of progression will inspire other women to pursue leadership roles within the technology sector, rather than being deterred by stereotypes.

“I want all women who are thinking about a career in the technology industry to know that there are opportunities out there to create a long and successful career,” Ms Paholski said.

“Our contributions continue to prove they are critical factors in boosting a company’s overall productivity, innovation, revenue and culture.

“The key is to find a company that values your contribution and is committed to helping you reach your full potential.”

GlobalX currently runs initiatives aimed at arming its female staff with the tools they need to feel empowered, such as an internal leadership program run throughout the year to help women prepare for leadership and executive roles within the company.

GlobalX is also an avid supporter of the wider women in technology national community and recently cemented a partnership with Women in Digital.

Women in Digital CEO and Founder Holly Tattersall said GlobalX was setting the benchmark for other businesses within the industry.

“There are so many unrealised opportunities for women in this industry – that’s why it is fantastic to see companies like GlobalX actively championing women to make their mark in technology,” Ms Tattersall said.

“Companies that do recognise the immense value women bring to the tech stage will ultimately gain a competitive advantage through higher levels of innovation, team cohesion and talent attraction.” 

Brisbane-based Developer at GlobalX Rachel Quilligan enjoys the opportunities presented to her by the company.

“I love being part of a team that has created a really encouraging, supportive culture that has a lot of fun and strives to build quality software.” Ms Quilligan said.

“My number one piece of advice for women considering a career in tech is not to be afraid to speak out.

“It may be intimidating when you’re the only person in the room but it’s important that your voice is valued, and you’re heard to empower other voices as well as your own.” Ms Quilligan said.

To find out more about GlobalX, visit globalx.com.au.

To find out more about Women in Digital, visit https://womenindigital.org/.

1Source: https://docs.employment.gov.au/system/files/doc/other/australianjobs2019.pdf