Darryl Mountain BCom LLM JD

Darryl Mountain, lawyer and legal technologist, recently migrated to Australia from Canada. For the past decade he has been collaborating with some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers in the field of ‘technology and legal services’ including Richard Granat, Marc Lauritsen and Richard Susskind.

Darryl is a member of the eLawyering Task Force of the American Bar Association, which examines and responds to the ways in which the practice of law is changing in the Internet age.

The Australian legal services industry can thank his wife Sue for encouraging him to settle in Australia. Sue is Australian born, originally from Adelaide. The couple met in London while Darryl was studying for a LLM at the London School of Economics. Sue was in the UK on an extended working-holiday.

Up until the move to Australia they had been living in Vancouver with their three young children. The family has now settled in Sydney and look forward to enjoying the warmer-climate lifestyle and being nearer to Australian relatives.

The unusual surname ‘Mountain’ is from an Irish heritage. The Mountains of Darryl’s ancestry came from the town of Waterford, Ireland. On emigrating in the late 18th Century, they appear to have taken one of the shortest routes west, settling on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

In 1962 Darryl’s father, one of 11 children, left Prince Edward Island for the city-life of Montreal. There he knocked on the door of the Bank of Nova Scotia and asked for a job. He got the job which was the start of a long and successful career in banking. The family spent time in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.

In Australia, Darryl is exploring opportunities to pursue his passion which is the intersection of law and technology. He is a strong believer that law schools should be providing formal courses on practice management and technology.

Although he has worked continuously as a lawyer, for the past five years Darryl has been involved in automating legal documents using Rapidocs and DealBuilder document assembly software, developing disruptive business strategies. He is the agent for Business Integrity to sell and implement ContractExpress, the new Cloud-based version of DealBuilder, in Australia.

He recently wrote an article for www.slaw.ca on his observations about the Australian Legal System from the perspective of a recently arrived Canadian lawyer.

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Darryl Mountain can be contacted by email by clicking here (opens email program)