On 1 April CentraLegal Pty Ltd (LegalEdge) joined forces with Custom First Australia and New Zealand to form Legal First Pty Ltd. This has increased the support team working on LegalEdge to six. Custom First is the company that has been supporting the CLO system. 

Over the next few weeks the LegalEdge website and logos will be updated. 

The new team is currently working on version 2 of LegalEdge. V2 is a speed improvement and a visual make-over that will be introduced in planned stages between now and June 30.  The upgrade plan includes:

•The core database (mySQL) to be replaced by PostGreSQL (PG) – due for completion by mid April.  
•Class Reports to be available by the end of May. 

•Mac Users and online word processors (Google Docs, ZOHO Writer, Open Office and Office Live) will be operational by the end of May. 

•Safe Custody – Archiving – Library Module to be released. 

•The look and feel of LegalEdge will get a complete face lift. Each module in LegalEdge will run in its own window allowing flip or drag and drop between matters, clients and accounts with ease. The mini windows will be released as they are completed.