Who is Journal Technologies? It is a legal tech company that almost no one has heard of in Australia.

Its website is basic, especially for a tech business. Its Twitter and social media feeds have a handful of posts, mostly from last year, yet this company has just been awarded an $89.2 million contract.  

Court Services Victoria recently announced the engagement of Journal Technologies to implement the new case management system (CMS) for the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and the Children’s Court of Victoria.

The company is connected to lapsed lawyer, Charlie Munger. Mr Munger is Chairman of the Board of The Daily Journal, a legal publisher and owner of legal tech company, Journal Technologies. Mr Munger is also Warren Buffet’s business partner. 

Perhaps Journal Technologies is better known in the United States where it is headquartered. For more than 25 years it has been servicing over 500 courts and justice agencies in 42 US states and Canada. Journal Technologies is also currently implementing an electronic court management system for the Courts Administration Authority of South Australia.

The Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts hear more than 300,000 cases a year between them. Cases are becoming increasingly complex, and continue to increase in number year-on-year. While the current case management systems deliver within the scope of which they were originally developed, they present significant barriers to meeting service expectations and handling the growing demand in the two courts.

Journal Technologies was selected following a detailed open market three-stage procurement process and comprehensive evaluation.

Journal Technologies will relocate an experienced team to Melbourne to join Court Services Victoria’s project group. Piloting and incremental roll out of the new system is currently expected to commence in mid-2021.