If you have been offered a service called Legal Process Outsourcing it was probably comprised of lawyers and administrative staff based overseas. A risk with overseas outsourcing, especially since law is based in language, is that something is missed or misinterpreted as a result of a nuance in meaning. The demand for locally based legal process outsourcing is evident with the 33% year-on-year growth (to October 2017) reported by Unison Outsourcing, based in Wollongong, NSW. 

Unison Outsourcing was founded in 2013 as a division of one of the oldest and highly regarded regional law firms in Australia, RMB Lawyers. Its early focus was on providing services to RMB and its clients. In 2015, Unison Outsourcing was launched independently to provide services to law firms of all sizes and in-house legal departments.

Paul Bartholomew is the Chief Operating Officer of Unison Outsourcing and has condensed his years of knowledge and experience in business into the top five benefits of engaging with an Australian legal process outsourcing (LPO) provider.

1. Onshore services and proximity
When engaging with an onshore LPO provider, clients are provided with services that are performed by Australian lawyers, paralegals and administrative support staff who understand Australian law, its culture and application. In addition, the provider and their client are within close proximity to each other and in the same time zone, enabling them to meet in person and be contactable at convenient times – no need for late night or early morning skype meetings!

2. Insurance and accreditation
Working with an Australian LPO provider means your outsourced projects are insured and regulated by Australian professional standards. Whereas offshore outsourcers are often not regulated by any professional body, nor do they cover professional indemnity. For example, with Unison Outsourcing, as it is a law firm corporation it’s fully regulated by the Law Society of NSW and Office of the Legal Services Commissioner, it’s fully insured by LawCover and it’s Best Practice accredited by SAI Global to ensure operational excellence. An onshore LPO provider adopting this model offers a peace of mind that offshore providers cannot.

3. Security
Put simply, with an LPO provider based and operated in Australia, it means all data is housed here in Australia, limiting privacy and jurisdictional issues concerning your confidential information. This is certainly the case at Unison Outsourcing.

4. Foreign Currency Risk
A significant benefit of using an onshore LPO provider is that there is no need to worry about fluctuations in currency exchange rates. If the organisation is based and operated in Australia, invoices will be in Australian dollars. When organisations look to outsource overseas, exchange rates are most often overlooked when budgeting and can cause a great deal of pain when realized, particularly over the long-term.

5. Working more efficiently and effectively
LPO is the solution needed by many in-house legal teams and law firms as the market continually demands more for less; teams are at capacity and budgets are tight. As they’re in close proximity, an Australian LPO provider can become an extension of the team and perform the routine legal support work that often takes the most time. This allows organisations to increase outputs and flexibility, it lets employees work on value adding tasks and in turn, maximises profitability.

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