A single legal office in an east Melbourne suburb has now assisted more than 200 clients to sell their properties direct. It is the cumulative result over the few years that the law firm has been providing this service.

The sales milestone, achieved by Lawyers Real Estate in Croydon, provides evidence of the demand for such a service. It means that it could be feasible for hundreds of law firms across Australia to also provide the service.  

The combined efforts of law firms across the country promoting the benefits of the service should give it even greater impetus. 

Peter Mericka, the founder of Lawyers Real Estate, is in the process of franchising the service so that it can be quickly implemented by other law firms.

At present he is working towards achieving regulatory certainty. At a recent seminar he spoke about the long history of lawyers’ involvement in real estate negotiations. He reminded attendees that laws introduced to regulate the real estate industry were originally introduced, not to exclude lawyers, but to regulate non-lawyers who were starting to provide real estate services.

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