[Picture: David Toohey, CEO of LawMaster announces the rebrand of LawMaster’s parent company
to Mastrin at the 30th Anniversary Party held earlier this month in Brisbane]

LawMaster, innovators of Legal Practice Technology, announced the change of their parent company’s name to Mastrin during the firm’s 30th Anniversary party held recently. The company that originated from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast 30 years ago, now has offices in multiple major Australian cities and is expanding into the New Zealand Market. LawMaster has seen enormous success over the last 30 years and says that the launch of their parent brand Mastrin was essential for building a platform for 30 more years of success.

CEO of the company David Toohey said that it is simply a change of name from LawMaster Software development, however the change in charter is what is significant.

“What occurred to us a few years ago was that LawMaster software developments produces a product called LawMaster to the legal profession,” said Mr Toohey.

“Clearly, it’s very closely aligned, but by the same token the software development company is not legally oriented, its software development focused and needs to understand its charter. The whole concept of a brand name that differentiates itself as an organisation in that it produces software for professional firms, albeit at this time they are legal professionals but there’s nothing to say that the style of software isn’t suited to architects, engineers, surveyors or anyone that charges clients for the time spent doing their work. Anyone that has that style of professional organisation could benefit from the use of the product,” he continued.

“The other thing is, Mastrin are Master Integrators of software and that’s what we’ve taken the strength of the product to be. Mastrin’s job is to produce high quality software to specifications whereas LawMaster’s job is to automate Law Firms and I think it’s clear that we differentiate that. We’re a software house that produces Intelligence in Practice which is our Brand promise.”

“The law industry in Australia is not a marketplace, it’s a community, in the US or UK it’s probably much closer to a marketplace. The whole idea of Mastrin is to unlock the boundaries of LawMaster and allow it to produce products that are relevant geographically and demographically. It’s a master source of innovation, development and support; they’re the brand ethics for the software organisation,” said Mr Toohey.

It is such brand charters and ethics as well as striving to innovate intelligent software that he says, have allowed the company to be successful for the last 30 years and will allow them to continue to be successful in the coming 30.

“The fact is that these two companies have been in existence for 30 years. In Australia I believe it’s close to 60% of companies fail in the first three years and even more, something like 80% in the first five years,” Mr Toohey went on to say.

“We’ve been an organically expanding profitable company for 30 years, where we’ve continuously evaluated the marketplace and product requirements. The product commenced in 1988, we’ve rebuilt it once before and are currently completely rewriting it again.

The 30 years is a huge testament to customer loyalty, team loyalty and the vision of the company to approach the community and client base from the point of view of simply striving to achieve levels of client satisfaction and performance within organisations that have been previously unavailable. Certainly, our competitors don’t live up to that level of commitment over that period of time with that level of future vision,” Mr Toohey said.