– MinterEllison/ITNewcom transaction a legal ‘first’

– Move will reshape the sector, says MinterEllison Chief Executive

– Launch of Technology Consulting Services practice

– Strong focus on strategy, risk and innovation

Market-leading law firm MinterEllison today announced a sector-transforming move in its acquisition of top tier boutique technology consulting firm ITNewcom. ITNewcom has a twenty-year track record in delivering exceptional outcomes through strategic sourcing initiatives, innovative technology strategy, complex transition management, specialised benchmarking, and high-value supplier management.

As one of the Asia Pacific region’s leading technology advisory and benchmarking firms, the ITNewcom offering complements and is a great fit with MinterEllison’s own market-leading technology legal offering and with its culture, according to Tony Harrington, MinterEllison’s Chief Executive. Mr Harrington noted that the merger of the two high quality, client-focused organisations would significantly enhance MinterEllison’s ability to offer industry-leading integrated solutions.

“We believe this transaction is both a game-changing and a sector-changing move for a top tier firm such as ours. It is a decisive step in the implementation of our firm’s 2020 strategy,” said Mr Harrington.

Andrew Cunningham, MinterEllison’s Innovation Leader and new leader of the firm’s Consulting Solutions practice, said MinterEllison was focused on creating an innovative suite of solutions to complement its legal offerings, providing clients with seamlessly integrated legal and consulting services.

He said clients would now have the option of an end-to-end multi-disciplinary solution to achieve their desired outcomes in complex technology transactions – with reduced risk, increased efficiency and simplified execution. For ITNewcom, he signalled benefits, including the ability to operate under a prominent local and international brand and grow in key demand areas that align with the firm’s strategic 2020 vision.

“Joining ITNewcom’s complementary expertise with our existing market-leading technology practice will allow us to deliver seamless integrated consulting and legal solutions to clients seeking sophisticated technology outcomes,” said Mr Cunningham. “Our specialist expertise now includes important services such as benchmarking, strategic sourcing, negotiation support, transition management and ongoing supplier management.”

Mr Cunningham emphasised the high quality people and services of ITNewcom, including its compatible culture, excellent leadership, and enviable track record of growth.

“Once we decided to add technology consulting capability to our firm’s offering, ITNewcom was our first choice of partner. We have worked with Brendan and the ITNewcom team many times over the years. We have long regarded them to be the best in the market, with strong leadership under Brendan and his senior leadership team comprising Debbie McLaughlin, Stephen Craike, Kim Gordon and Simon Lewis together with, a highly compatible culture and an enviable track record of growth,” Mr Cunningham said.

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Brendan Welsh, ITNewcom CEO, said he was delighted to be joining an organisation of the high calibre of MinterEllison and was looking forward to growing together as aligned brands under the same umbrella.

“As a leader in our field in the Asia Pacific region, the ITNewcom brand is a great fit with MinterEllison,” said Mr Welsh. “In particular, our technology advisory and benchmarking services offering together with our knowledge of technology, strategic vision, and exceptional industry experience allow us to optimise value for our clients. These attributes very closely align with those of MinterEllison and its strong customer-centric branding.

“Today, technology really is ‘the new black’. Investment in new technology has always been important for business. These days it is critical for business success. ITNewcom will continue to help organisations to optimise their investment in technology and our new integrated offering will help organisations to better manage the risk of those investments,” he said.

Mr Cunningham said that ITNewcom would form part of the newly-launched MinterEllison Technology Consulting practice, part of a broader Technology Solutions practice. A new ITNewcom Synergy Leadership Group, comprising Brendan Welsh, Anthony Lloyd (who leads the MinterEllison Technology practice), cyber security expert Paul Kallenbach, and strategic procurement and IT project specialist Amanda Story, is also to be established.

“Following the agreement to bring ITNewcom on board, clients of the firm will have the option of engaging ITNewcom and the MinterEllison technology legal team, providing unique access to a multi-disciplinary team of professionals,” Mr Cuningham said. “They may also choose to engage solely with ITNewcom or the MinterEllison technology legal team.”

Both Mr Cunningham and Mr Welsh said they were strongly committed to building a ‘one team’ culture between ITNewcom and MinterEllison and would be devoting significant time and effort to this. Mr Cunningham also said he believed working with ITNewcom would both deepen and widen the firm’s reach in its delivery of innovative solutions to clients.

“It is a very positive move for both our firms and we anticipate ITNewcom will continue to grow with MinterEllison,” said Mr Cunningham. “We welcome the ITNewcom leadership team who we will partner with to bring superior outcomes to our clients.”