Mitratech, a leading provider of legal and compliance software, is pleased to announce the acquisition of AdvanceLaw. AdvanceLaw is a unique market through which 300 of the world’s most innovative corporate general counsels (GC) create and?manage more effective law firm panels by sharing law firm performance information within the AdvanceLaw GC network. This creates superior outcomes for the general counsels and offers above-market revenue growth opportunities to top-performing law firms.

The network of AdvanceLaw general counsel (GC) evaluates lawyer performance across a number of vetted law firms, comprising 11,000 lawyers in 57 countries worldwide. Positive feedback on firm and attorney performance?earns more work from member GCs, who collectively spend more than $10B on outside counsel annually. This gives AdvanceLaw law firms a large incentive to perform and innovate. As a result, clients receive the best service and quality assurance in their firm relationships.

“At Mitratech, we’ve been part of the evolution as a combination of technology, analytics and expertise are coming together in the market to transform the office of the general counsel,” said Matt Johnson, CRO, Mitratech. “The addition of AdvanceLaw to our portfolio represents our commitment to supporting this transformation. We’re adding a unique and growing marketplace of general counsels and law firms who, like us and our client community, have embraced innovation.”

“Mitratech and AdvanceLaw are so complementary in terms of global operations and cultural fit,” said Mike Williams, CEO of AdvanceLaw.? “And Mitratech’s workflow and legal tech capabilities will elevate AdvanceLaw in many ways – our GCs and law firms will feel the difference soon.”

Firoz Dattu, AdvanceLaw’s founder, notes, “This combination is really exciting because it helps AdvanceLaw realize?its?ambitions?and, with Mitratech, transform the whole of the legal market.”