The website is designed to be a one-stop-shop on the development of electronic conveyancing in Australia. has been launched with stakeholders in mind. From finance institutions to solicitor and conveyancing companies, all can keep abreast of new developments.

At present NECDL is leading the development of an e-conveyancing solution for Australia. Various studies have now fed into a recently completed business case.

NECDL itself was established in 2010 to develop a national e-conveyancing solution for Australia. The establishment of the company represents a major commitment by the State Governments of NSW, Victoria, and Queensland in achieving their stated goal of implementing the agreed national e-conveyancing reforms.

NECDL Chairman, Alan Cameron welcomed viewers to the site: “e-conveyancing involves many stakeholders. Our aim with the site is to keep everyone up to date with how NECDL is going with the development of a sustainable, cost effective, national e-conveyancing system for Australia.

“We have recently completed a business case which shows that there is a viable opportunity to develop a national e-conveyancing solution in Australia. The current view is that this requires a build over two years once funding for any development can be secured,” Alan said.

Michael Carabash B.A., LL.B., J.D., M.B.A

Canadian lawyer Michael Carabash has set himself a month long challenge.  He describes the challenge: “to see how far up in the Google rankings I can make my page for ‘Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers’ reach”.  He is not using pay per click sponsorship methods but rather techniques that are broadly described as search engine optimisation (SEO).

This in itself is not remarkable as there are probably hundreds if not thousands of law firms experimenting with SEO. What makes Mr Carabash’s challenge special is that he is openly chronicling his efforts on his blog. Day one starts here. 

2. Video Case Study

A small but growing minority of law firm websites utilise some form of video. Internet services company Bell Media offers a cost effective, high impact means of having a video presenter on your website. There is even a free version which can be installed on your website within minutes of clicking your selection.

An example of this type of video can be seen at the website of Perth law firm Dwyer Durack 

Bell Media’s free law firm web presenters can be seen here.