Here is the exact transcript of the confusingly worded media release resulting from the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General meeting held in Canberra on 10 December 2010:

“Ministers noted that the public consultation period for the COAG National Legal Profession Reform project concluded on 13 August 2010, with a total of 162 submissions received and approximately 65 meetings held with stakeholders Ministers noted the final draft of the Legal Profession National Law Bill, which the project Taskforce has presented to COAG, along with a draft set of Rules, a final Regulation Impact Statement and an inter-governmental agreement, for endorsement at the first COAG meeting in 2011. 

Australia and South Australia noted their position is to reserve their decision and not agree to the proposed scheme at this time and this decision should be reported to COAG.

Queensland noted its concerns about funding arrangements and that this should be reported to COAG.

Victoria supported in principle the desirability of a national legal profession but reserved its position on the details of the model to be placed before COAG at this time.

Ministers agreed that work should be undertaken to identify and cost the potential savings to each jurisdiction.

Ministers agreed to ask COAG to release the Legal Profession National Law Bill and National Rules publicly after consideration by the COAG Business Regulation and Competition Working Group.”