Australian data security specialist, Dekko Secure, today unveiled a new cloud-based data sharing and storage service designed to allow workgroups to share and collaborate on sensitive files in a completely secure environment.

The service, called DekkoVAULT, allows users to store and share files of unlimited size with other Dekko users. Shared files are accessed using a secure link or within the platform which ensures they can be opened only by the intended recipient of the file. Access can be revoked after a predetermined period and all access sessions are documented in an audit log.

“DekkoVAULT provides the convenience of other file-sharing products on the market but with the additional benefit of end-to-end encryption and security,” says Jacqui Nelson, Managing Director, Dekko Secure.  “The service runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform which provides additional levels of protection and redundancy. For organisations bound by regulations such as data sovereignty, Dekko is hosted in Australia or can be deployed as on-premise solution.

Nelson says DekkoVAULT will be particularly attractive to insurance, legal and accounting firms that regularly have to deal with large volumes of sensitive files. The service allows these files to be securely shared both within the firm as well as with clients and trusted third parties.

“Dekko eliminates the unknowns associated with sharing sensitive information outside your IT environment.  We are aiming to make DekkoVAULT a superior alternative to existing cloud-based data storage and sharing services because security has been built in from the start.  This is particularly relevant when organisations communicate with external parties which in the past has often been the weakest link. In addition, Dekko can be safely used over unsecured networks, such as public WiFi found in airports and cafes,” explains Nelson.

Alex Lyons, Solutions Engineer at Dekko Vault says that, while there are a number of secure communication tools on the market already, they are not business solutions because they rely on secrecy, anonymity, file destruction and do not run on enterprise-grade infrastructure. Some also have unrealistic pricing and usage models. “While some of them pretend to be business solutions, they miss the mark. Businesses have real requirements like regulatory compliance, verified identities, access control, visibility control, data sovereignty and audit capability” said Lyons.

DekkoVAULT uses end-to-end encryption for all files and no-one other than the sender and intended recipient of a file hold the key. This means files cannot be decrypted by unauthorised users, even if intercepted during transit. Administrators have the option of also requiring two-factor authentication as an additional security measure. “No one else, including advertisers, outside threats, or even Dekko or Microsoft Azure administrators, can see the data files,” says Lyons. “It is impossible to hijack a Dekko account and access data without knowing the user’s password.”

Every security process is done in the background and is completely transparent to users. Dekko uses recognised, efficient and proven encryption techniques and trusted open source libraries for its security code.

DekkoVault is accessed via a web browser providing flexibility for users while at the same time not compromising data security. All interactions with files are recorded in a log and the ability to access them can be limited to a pre-defined time window.

“The service can integrate with existing workflows, providing strong data security regardless of where files are accessed and on what type of device,” says Lyons.

A DekkoVAULT subscription starts at $10 per user per month and is part of a portfolio of secure services offered by the company, DekkoMAIL and DekkoCHAT.

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