Who better to design a litigation software tool than a lawyer with 30 years’ experience as a trial and appeal advocate in civil and commercial litigation. 

The development of Cloudbrief has been a 10 year project for Western Australian based barrister Geoffrey Hancy. The marketing of the product began this year and he has been using it in his own cases for almost two years.

Mr Hancy has had a long interest in legal technology.  He was a Member, or Convenor, of the Law Society of Western Australia Computerisation Committee from 1991 until 2008.

“I was never happy with the litigation support products that were offered to me. They were clearly built by IT people who did not fully understand what a legal case required” he explained.

Mr Hancy has written about what he believes is required from a lawyer’s standpoint in his article Managing Information in Litigation. This approach underlies the Cloudbrief software application.  


Legal Practice Intelligence was given the opportunity to access the Cloudbrief application.  It has features for collaboration and other functions, though its core is a document management system ready to use for litigation cases. Navigating the software was intuitive thanks to its well thought-out design and uncluttered layout. www.cloudbrief.com